one of the top endurance copmetitions of the world

is nothing, comparing to challenges that autistic people have to face every day Donate now to support Association for autistic people

About the run

4 Deserts ( is a famous series of stage runs taking place in 4 great deserts of the world: Namibia (alternating with the Sahara), Atacama, Gobi and Antarctica. The races are exceptional not so much because of the distance (250 km), which is precisely the mentioned stages. Each runner must be self-sufficient during the 7 days and nights of the run (the organizer provides only drinking water and a tent at night). This means that physical preparation is only a part of success, the rest is logistics and experience allowing to lay out forces (and to avoid injury) for the entire competition.

I'm training for a Namibia running race

In April 2018 I will take part in the African edition of 4 Deserts in Namibia. This start requires a lot of training, preparation of not only the equipment, but above all your own head :).

As well as strength and health, I would like to complete the whole cycle of 4 deserts in 2 to 4 years. There are a lot of players (including great Poles) who did it in one year, but I would like to be able to fully reconcile with family and professional life (as well as a few other crazy plans). How will I do it and will I be successful? We'll see...

Project support principles are simple: everything you donate, whether as private individuals or as sponsors goes to the account of the Association for People with Autism ProFUTURO, and I am looking after the costs of preparation and start-up on my own.

What can I offer you instead?

1. sharing race emotions ;)

2. for anyone who pays over 200 PLN (50 euro / 60 USD) I have a special reward - personally I will write a thank-you snail-mail card and send it from Namibia (at least I will write there, and I will send it where I can) to the address (send the address to Everyone who knows me better knows that the last time I sent a card in primary school can be a bigger challenge for me than running a marathon in the desert ... :)

There is some time to start, if you are interested in how to prepare for it, look at the "fundraiser" page on Facebook, where you can also transfer money to the Association for People with Autism ProFUTURO via Facebook fundraiser payments. If someone does not like payment via Facebook, he can pay directly to the Association's account using the data below (preferably with the deposit note: 4deserts4autism).

Funds collected as part of the 4deserts4autism project will be used for the diagnosis, therapy and support of people with autism.

The Association has many current needs, but the most pressing ones are:

  • Equipping the diagnostic and therapeutic room with the necessary equipment and teaching aids - incl. diagnosis kit (PLN 2,500), laptop with software (PLN 3,500), projector (PLN 2,000). The equipment is used by diagnostics, therapists for small children and adults with autism / Asperger syndrome, as well as parents / specialists during training.
  • There are plans to prepare two new therapeutic rooms on the first floor of the building where ProFUTURO is located - renovation of the rooms (bathroom liquidation, renovation of the second bathroom, demolition of walls, putting new walls, terracotta, painting, lighting, doors), equipment (furniture, aids) teaching). The cost is estimated at PLN 40000.

Why this fundraiser?

Every charity support would be good, but it is impossible to help everyone at once and something should always be chosen. I chose ProFUTURO just because I know them and I know they are doing a good job for people with autism. I will not describe here what autism is, many people have already done so much better, for basic information you can look at the ProFUTUTRO website (Polish only), Wikipedia or many English sources, such as Autism Speaks.

Association for People with Autism ProFUTURO - contact details

The Association for People with Autism ProFUTURO is a public benefit organization (OPP) since August 2007, therefore it also has the privilege of acquiring 1% income tax (in PIT-37 simply enter KRS number 0000073708).

Location: ul. Szamarzewskiego 78/82, 60-569 Poznań, POLAND, tel./fax: +48 61 843 40 38,,

Bank Account: PKO BP SA 1 O/Poznań PL 10 1020 4027 0000 1202 0413 7493

I am asking for a payment with a note: 4deserts4autism

About me

Kuba Zwolinski - a former Adventure Racing player, currently a fan of running along mountain paths and a canoeist, but above all a father of an extraordinary three kids and a husband of a beloved wife, tolerating his various strange ideas.

After a long break from the Adventure Raids, I returned to running a few years ago. Among the last interesting starts are 130 km in the Gobi Desert in China, Lakes Sky Ultra in England and the Tatras Trail in Poland.

Now the time has come for the desert ...

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Foto: Gobi, Chiny 2014 i 2015,


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